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October 27, 2006

Sense of direction

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I’ve never quite understood how birds are supposed to be able to have enough sense of direction to go south every fall, and north in the spring. I say this because most people have no sense of direction (no matter what they might say), so I can’t understand how the teeny bird brains would have such a function. Which makes me wonder, are birds aware that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? do they use the sun to navigate north/south? And is that why I just watched a flock of birds fly north on an oh-so-overcast day?

I considered segueing here into a discussion on the current lack of direction that the world, this country, my generation, and I all seem to be suffering from. Nothing quite manages to penetrate the shell most of us live behind. Yes, that shell might suffer some damage – the country’s shell was damaged 9/11. Mine was hurt when Kristi died. But I’ve noticed that both shells have managed to heal themselves, and in some ways become even thicker than they were. But that’s as far as I want to take that discussion today. No sense at poking at my shell without a purpose, after all.

But thinking about it, it’s also possible that the birds just know more than I do (a rather depressing thought).  I’m sure there is some scientific reason why and how the birds fly in the direction that they do.  I don’t need to know that reason, as long as somebody does.  and that in itself is sad.  where did my child-like curiosity about the world go?  Instead of questioning why and how, I just accept, even when I shouldn’t.

Well, I’ve copied this to my more public journal, and hopefully will get some responses there that may prompt another entry.  Until then.


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