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April 14, 2007

Publish or perish

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There is something very intimidating about the knowledge that you HAVE to publish scholarly articles in order to keep your job.  Knowing that I have 5 years to publish and/or present several things is very intimidating.  Yes, I have ideas for things to write about, but I tend to be very good at planning things, and not so good on the follow-through.  But I do not have a choice this time.  Aaa!  But it’ll be okay.  There will be 3 other librarians who all come up for tenure the year after me, so we’ll all just push each other.  Hopefully.  Although, I have to say that knowing the previous two catalog librarians left rather than go up for tenure makes it even more intimidating.   And knowing that when I first started job hunting, it was much more difficult because I didn’t want to apply for jobs where I would have to write for tenure.  But here I am, and except for the extremely-scared part of me that is screaming to run away in the next 4 years to not have to try.

 Ah, the conflicts within myself.  And everyday, different factions are winning.  I suppose eventually I’ll come through it and laugh at how scared I was, but for now, I’ll just keep feeling petrified every time I think about it.


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