Random thoughts

December 15, 2009


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Wow. It’s been 2 years since I posted a blog on here. Really, since I’ve posted much of a blog about anything anywhere. But I think it can be really useful to work through thoughts about things – to get to what you really think about something without extra outside input.

So my current debate with myself is whether to go to law school. I’ve told myself I will take the LSAT, and see what happens from there. I do feel the need to make a change in my life. And law school seems like it would be a good path for me. I don’t have dreams of being a trial attorney putting people away or defending their freedom. Nope. I feel a little cynical about both sides of trial. Right now I feel pulled towards wills and estate planning – a nod to my desire to help people, but taking into account my opinion of people who don’t take steps to help themselves. Contracts are another possibility – with my business background, it would be possible to work for a corporation. But that’s getting ahead of myself. Right now I just need to concentrated on preparing for the LSAT, to get the best score I’m capable of, and then forging a path from there.


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