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November 19, 2010

Workout 3, Week 1

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I feel much better today. Today’s workout was a repeat of Day 1 workout, with a different one on Wednseday. But today instead of feeling almost immobilized by pain, I just feel the good ache of muscles that have been used. Yay! Yesterday I did the warm up when I got up, despite no workout, and I really think that helped to loosen up the muscles that had just been getting tighter and tighter. I’ve been eating MUCH healthier than I ever have before, though I do find myself getting hungry every few hours. But that’s how this is supposed to work! It means I’m burning off what I’m eating, and that I’m not grossly over eating at any particular meal.

I realized this morning that I do much prefer wandering around the gym without the workout book with me. Maybe they need to come out with “workout journals” that people can carry around the gym and look cool instead of brightly colored “Lose Weight in 2 Weeks!” covered books. Sometimes a little discretion would be very much appreciated. I am definitely hoping I can continue to remember all my exercises, though! Today I also found myself watching the form of other people as they workout. I am incurably nosy and will eavesdrop on conversations in the gym (2 guys talking about how far they got into P90X before stopping because they were satisfied with how they looked), or the girl who had a very rounded back who just seemed to be moving weights without any planned exercise. Oh, well. At least I didn’t feel intimidated about being in the weight room. Progress!


November 15, 2010

Day 1, Week 1

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Wow…I’m a bit stiff already. I managed to get up out of bed at 6 AM (an accomplishment for me, though I know many others that’s a regular occurrence), after going to bed at 9:15 last night. Then my mom called at 9:45 as I was dropping into full sleep, I know not what about. Then she called again at 9:50 thinking I sounded sick. I tried to explain as well as my sleep-fogged brain could that I was in bed so I could get up and workout in the morning. Luckily, no call at 9:55 and I finally fell asleep.

Once I got up this morning, I really wished I had hard-boiled the eggs yesterday. Instead, I threw together oatmeal and stuck it in the microwave. As I was half asleep, the bowl was too small, and there was epic overflow of the oatmeal onto the turntable. Luckily, it was ALL on the turntable, so I was able to rinse it off right away instead of leaving myself a disgusting immovable mess to deal with later. Yay me! But I ate my oatmeal, got some snacks packed for work, and drove in to the gym. Oh, how I wish I had memorized all my warm-up and exercise moves before I got there. Do NOT love carrying around a book at the gym. But I did all my exercises (some with painful pauses in the middle). Yay. I can say with all honesty that step ups and push ups are not my strong suits. But all that means is that I have to push harder on those until they DO become my strong suits. Plus, the awesome thighs and back that result from those would be pretty sweet to have. Here’s hoping!

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