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February 12, 2012

Time goes by

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So yes, I am terrible at blogging. Years have gone by. I am now a first year law student at Drake Law School. After the entire first semester without a single real workout, I have been going to some of the fitness classes offered through the university rec department. The thing I like about classes is that they have a regular time, so there’s not deluding yourself that “oh, I’ll do it in a little while.” You’re either there on time, or you’re not. And sometimes the not is through no fault of my own. Though usually it is me not realizing what time it is. Ah, well.

But I must make sure to press on. Why? Because though I try not to pay too much attention, sometime during the fall semester I tipped from normal into the overweight category, and at the same time moved up a size. I had been so excited a couple of years ago to go down, that it was very sad to realize that no, my dress pants hadn’t shrunk, I’d just grown.

Additionally, I have my annual 5Ks in May and June, and I would like to beat my times from last year in both of them. So this week I will try to go in a little before the workout classes start, and run about 1/4-1/2 mile at a good pace. My goal is to slowly work up to the full 5K at a much faster speed than the last couple of years. We’ll see. But back in the workout grind I will remain.


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